Image Consulting by Aga Rolek

It is only shallow people who do not
judge by appearances

— Oscar Wilde

Since childhood we are taught not to judge a book by its cover. However, it is scientifically proven that, subconciously or not, everyone bases their opinion on the image they see.

Despite that, the power of image is still highly underestimated by the majority of the population, hence many talented people do not achieve their goals... Continue below

Taking care of your looks is not a sign of conceit, but an act of self respect and an effective way to accomplish your goals.

What you see is what you get

People with an outstanding image are considered to be more intelligent, ambitious, brighter, funnier, determined, open minded.

In other words, your image represents your skills, personality and attitude towards life and others. A good image makes you look more reliable, professional, trustworthy.

Once we realize we are perceived this way, we gain more confidence and become more assertive. It helps us move out of our comfort zone and face new challenges.

A first impression happens only once

Those first few seconds decide your immediate future: whether you get a dream job, a promotion, sell your product, attract the person you like or whether your speech gets a standing ovation.

Moreover, the opinion based on the first impression firmly anchors in our subconcious and is hardly ever changed. It is extremely difficult to recover from a bad first impression, whereas a good first impression will transcend your future mistakes and increase your chances of success.

The image is often falsely reduced to clothes or make-up that we wear. It is crucial to remember that our physique and body language are equally important.

According to the world-known body-language experts, Allan and Barbara Paese, 80% of the information that forms our opinion about people is derived from nonverbal bahaviour and gestures.