Aga Rolek Studio of Image offers a comprehensive approach to image consulting based on your individual needs.

Fashion styling

fashion style advisory for every occasion

The basic principle of business image is: dress for the position you aspire to have, or even better. And when it comes to image, strategy is as important as in other business areas. A proper style, fit and color of your clothes and accessories is crucial in every situation and the way you look affects also your social life. Remember that no matter where you are, the better you look, the better people treat you.


make-up consultations and tutorial

Your make-up, as well as the products you use, should be selected strategically. If it doesn’t complement you and your outfit, it can make you look older, ridiculous or even unprofessional. Make-up consultations will help you avoid make-up disasters in every important moment of your career and life.

Body Language and Business Etiquette

body language and business etiquette consultations based on specific situations from your professional and personal environment

Incorrect body language and lack of etiquette will ruin any meeting, whether it’s a business dinner, job interview or lunch with a client. The awkwardness you feel when you don’t know how to behave reduces your effectiveness. A controlled use of body language and impeccable business etiquette will open many doors for you.

Improve your image — Improve your life

Are you afraid to move out of your comfort zone? Do you feel that you are stuck in life and that you keep moving away from your goals? Do you have a job interview or a meeting with a client and you want to look professional and situation appropriate? Contact Aga Rolek Studio of Image. During a free consultation we will discuss how to achieve an image that will lead you to success.